Pep it FWD.

Thanks to you, last year we raised an incredible


Look for the Pep it FWD. in the Fall of 2017.

About the program.

Did you know that 600 children in Grand Forks receive food in their backpacks to sustain them for the weekend?

Did you know that 5 Grand Forks Elementary schools do this for these kids?

Did you know that The Northlands Mission funds this program? It is called the Back Pack Program.

Did you know that 5 elementary schools in Grand Forks cannot participate in this program due to lack of funding?

Did you know that it only costs $2.50 to stuff a backpack for a child for the weekend?

Right here in Grand Forks, hundreds of kids go hungry over the weekends and during school vacations. For many children, school lunches are their only meal of the day. Hunger and food insecurity have devastating effects on school aged children. These include health issues, compromised immune systems, emotional instability, and academic challenges.

This is a problem few know about, but we believe every child in Grand Forks should never go hungry. We have partnered with The Northlands Mission to help ensure that children will continue to receive their food for the weekend. But more importantly, we want to help The Northlands Mission raise enough money to fund the other schools in the greater Grand Forks area.

In the popular spirit of “Paying It Forward”, the Red Pepper is asking you to PEP it FWD. You can donate any denomination you wish! If it is $.25, great! If it is $2.50, a child is fed for the weekend. If it is $10.00, we know that 4 children will not go hungry on a weekend. We will match 20% of each donation given to this program. 100% of your donations will benefit The Northlands Mission Backpack Program.